B A S I L   M A R S H A LL - I N M A N

   8’10”L  x 48”W x 30”H  East and West Coast Maple Dining Table  

   Detail of Coffee Table on left  

Detail showing beach rocks encased 

in resin in coffee table above

   48”L x 19”W x 18”H West Coast Maple Coffee Table    

Detail of Cribbage Board

48"L x 16"W x30"H West Coast Maple Two Person Cribbage Table

West  Coast Maple Chopping Boards & Spoons

80"L x 32"W x 17.1/2"H  West Coast Maple Coffee Table


                          B A S I L   M A R S H A L L  -  I N M A N

                         W O O D W O R K

                            L i v e   E d g e   T a b l e s -  K i t c h e n w a r e  - T o y s

L 60" W 32" H 17"  Butterflied West Coast Maple

I take great pleasure in crafting these tables from salvaged

Western Canadian Maple.   The beautiful colour, unique

markings along with the form and shape of the raw timber

are left as natural as possible.   This allows the finished

work to retain the original living source of the material.

The Toys, Chopping Boards and Spoons are made from pieces

of Maple Wood that are left over from the Tables.   The beautiful

markings can resemble scenes etc.

F O R  S A L E