B A S I L   M A R S H A LL - I N M A N

'Teeming but Teetering - The Salish Sea'     23.1/2” Dia x 7.1/2”H

This work took over 150 hours to complete, not including the design.  The piece has a tiny still point so that if the bowl is touched it will

rock, thereby accentuating the ecological state of our oceans.

"BEAR WITNESS'   Our Disappearing Heritage   22”Dia x 2.1/2”H


Wailing for Redemption




Above - Blue Herons Vase - 3 views of circumference of Vase     24”H  8.1/2”Dia

Above - Port  Renfrew  Frolic   22”Dia x 2.1/2”H

In 2008 there was a major glacial clay discovery in Port Renfrew.   The Pacific Iron Ore Company of Calgary, Alberta,

approached me to do some testing of this clay for them.   The above piece and the following 6 pieces were made from that

clay.   This company kindly funded 50% of the production costs of a Book for a group of Potters I was associated with at the

time in return for each of the members making something from this clay.  The work was exhibited at the Canadian Clay and

Glass Gallery in Ontario, alongside the group’s 25th Anniversary Exhibition and the launch of the book celebrating their

25 year exhibition record.   The work above and the five images below is what I personally made from the clay.

Wailing For Redemption

8 Llamas Magic  14" Dia


G L E N Y S   M A R S H A LL - I N M A N

C a r v e d   &   B u r n i s h e d   E a r t h e n w a r e



This piece has a still point and if gently turned

becomes animated.     The work depicts the demise

of our turtles worldwide.   My hope is that somehow

perhaps with the assistance of anonymous guardians,

the turtle will somehow survive and thrive in free

unpolluted waters.

This work was exhibited in 2018 in the juried Sooke

Fine Art Show and purchased by collectors who live

in Hawaii part of the year.

They swim with the turtles there and are involved in

the conservation of them.  Unfortunately the piece was

broken in transit and they made the decision to have it

repaired using the Japanese Kintsugi technique where

gold is used to mend the work.  Another dfelightful

example of 'Appreciating' my work.

EVANESCENCE  -  The Plight of the Turtle

H  8.1/2"           Dia 20"

Each of us are a sum of who has gone before us.

We stand upon the shoulders of our ancestors and teachers

and all of those who have given us guidance on this creative journey.

Apropros to Appropriation I acknowledge the gift of access to sources during my

Art Education, particularly Art History - that have given me insight and imagination.

Greek Minoen Frescoes - Cycladic Pottery - The use of natural coloured clays and

pigments.   Used since the Stone Age, Palaeolithic times - ie Lascaux cave paintings.

Native US Mimbres Pottery - The Unique Spatial Design system used within a

circle for their extraordinary Black on White Pottery decoration.

We live in a dramatically changing world and my concern for the well being of both wild and

                                    marine life worldwide, is depicted in this work.

Link below to video explaining this work