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MARSHALL-INMAN   G a l l e r y  &  S t u d i o s

P L E A S E   C  O N T A C T   U S   I F   Y O U   N E E D    M O R E   I N F O R M A T I O N

U N I Q U E  O N E   O F   A   K I N D   A R T W O R K

W O O D  -  C L A Y  A R T  -  P A I N T I N G S

by  B A S I L  and  G L E N Y S  M A R S H A L L - I N M A N

Detail of Cribbage Board

                                         BWK20-1     $1500     48"L  x  16"W  x 30"H  West Coast Maple Two Person Cribbage Table

A comfy chair on either side of the table

and you are set to enjoy a game together.

The image depicted is of the Hawaiian

Crow, the Alala - which is the most

endangered corvid species in the World.

Makes for an interesting game of Cribbage

F O R  S A L E

This large work has a tiny still point so that if the bowl is touched it

will rock, thereby accentuating the ecological state of our oceans.  

Just as the ancients created their work, the images were carved

into the clay, coloured slips added and burnished all over with a

smooth pebble, then fired.   A wax is then applied and polished

with a soft cloth, which leaves a smooth, silky surface.

GWK20-1     $2500  -  Teeming But Teetering  -  The Salish Sea

H7.1/2"  Dia 23.1/2" - Burnished Earthenware

GWK20-8        $1500     Bear Witness       

Dia 22" H2.1/2"         'CAN BE WALL HUNG'

F O R  S A L E

Bear Witness

It is comforting to read that the bear

populations, both polar and grizzly

are somewhat stable at this point,

but we must be vigilent and aware of

our fragile disappearing heritage.

Ocean Foam Detail

GWK20-2     $1500   -   Ocean Foam  

H3"  Dia 21"  Porcelanious Stoneware - Crystaline Glazing

F O R  S A L E

GWK20-3     $2500   -   INCOMING TIDE

H3"  Dia 21.1/2"  -  Porcelaneous Stoneware - Crystaline Glazing

F O R  S A L E

GWK20-4     $1000  Small Guest Bathroom Sink

L 18"  H 5" W 12.1.2"  -  Porcelaneous Stoneware  -  Crystaline Glazing


GWK20-5     $695   Ocean Tidal Pool

W 8.1/2"   H5.1/2"  -  Porcelaneous Stoneware - Crystaline


F O R  S A L E

GWK20-7     $1750       Rain Forest Vessel

For  Flowers to Welcome Guests   -   H 8"  Dia 20"